We see in black and white, we think in grey and we love in colors.

James was born in 1980 and grew up in Ronse, in the Flemish Ardennes, where he was raised bilingual both Dutch and French.

After his communication and photography studies in Ghent, it is mainly his hunger for adventure, a dose of empathy, his language skills (Dutch, French, English and Spanish) and his social skills that form the right mix to do his thing as a portrait and documentary photographer, apart from all the phototechnical baggage.

He mainly works as a freelance press photographer for various media (DPG Media, Mediahuis, Belga News Agency, ID/Photo Agency, Intervista.be), but can also be booked for commercial portrait, events & atmosphere reports and other commercial photo work for companies or private individual occasions. He also is the founder and inspirer of ReisFotograaf.be, a travel agency dedicated to organise travels for photographers of all level.

In addition, he likes to characterize himself as no-nonsense, flexible, efficient and thinking along with the customer, and he always strives for a quick delivery.

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